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Guy Fieri makes appearances at Youngstown and Cleveland, Ohio

Guy Fieri made his appearance in Youngstown, Ohio, Friday the 13th of November, at the Green Bay @ Youngstown hokey game. He hosted a meatball eating contest mid-ice and took a shot at the goal during half time.

Not everyone in attendance was able to meet Guy Fieri and Joey Fatone; frustrating, to say the least.

  • bummed here, was @ the hockey game 2 nite. Security cut off the m&g line before I could get in it. : (
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  • Did not meet Guy Fieri. Promoter Bruce Zolden couldn't organize a tea party. It was a disaster of Torchsong proportions.
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    Guy Fieri also made a one-day appearance at the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday, the 14th of November, 2009. He did three cooking demonstrations and had two book signing sessions. If you had your picture taken with Guy Fieri and were told to go to to download or print, you can find your pictures at

    News on the Guy Fieri Road Show:

    The company hired to decorate the outside of the two tour buses completed their work (tweet), and the buses have been sighted on the highways (tweet). Bus pictured below, parked in Lowell, MA, on Monday November 16, 2009, the day before the tour starts.

    And the Lowell Sun did a very nice interview with Guy Fieri last week, in preperation for the first stop on the Guy Fieri Road Show. Click here to read the full article.

    Q: Have you always secretly wanted to be a rock star?

    A: Secretly? I'd stand atop the tallest building and yell it! I have always wanted to be a rock star. Just a couple of minor things have hindered it, though. One is that I have a complete inability to sing and another is I can't play an instrument. No one would want to come hear me sing.

    Q: I know how important your wife and kids are. How much family time do you get?

    A: I will not lie, that really is the toughest part. Doing all that I do, there's not a lot of break time. And I'm in New York for a book tour right now -- for my new book, it can be tough enough as it is.

    Q: Describe your place in the pantheon of the food TV boom. If Paula Dean is everybody's saucy aunt, Anthony Bourdain is travel through food and Adam Richman's "Man Vs. Food" is how much a man can hold, what is "Diners, Drive-in and Dives"?

    A: I'd say it's kind of like the whole thing, the lifestyle. It's America. It highlights the food, the location and the people and the history and entertainment. It's all of it. It's not a cooking show or a travel show. It's a life story about America.

    Q: So you were the subject of a recent Saturday Night Live parody. What's that like?

    A: Aw, man. SNL was always the thing for me. I had to watch. You'd stay up late to see Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin. If I ever get to host Saturday Night Live, that will be the crescendo. Good night! Thanks for coming! That's the pinnacle. And if that would ever happen, who knows or not. To be parodied? So I mean, come on. That's the biggest thing that's happened to me. And Bobby Moynihan, the guy who does me, is hysterical.

    Q: Can you describe the show we'll see in Lowell?

    A: The show is for people who love food and can't get enough and think there's gotta be more to say about food. That there's gotta be more songs about food. It's an interesting mix. It's high-energy, food, obviously, cooking, laughing, stories, music. All at the same time. I'll make food, there'll be some other chefs. It's like Food-a-palooza. I just have fun when I cook.

    Q: Describe your ultimate food show.

    A: I'm bringing it to you.

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