Sunday, November 8, 2009

1-800-GUY (GI0701H)

Guy's Big Bite - 1-800-GUY - Aired: 11/08/09

Guy Fieri's cooking helpline is open! He's curing dinner boredom everywhere with his Asian Street Sandwich, filled with teriyaki-glazed pork, pickled cucumbers, and spicy mayo. Eddie's Mommy Salad is tongue-tingling side of edamame and diced vegetables in a wasabi vinaigrette. A refreshing Ginger Collins keeps your taste buds entertained.

Asian Street Sandwich - recipe

Eddie's Mommy Salad - recipe

Ginger Collins - cocktail recipe

ginger, pork roast, cucumber, wasabi, edamame, jicama, gin, ginger liqueur

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