Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guy Fieri interview with Nashville's Tennessean

I found a terrific interview of Guy Fieri on Click here to read the full interview.

Where do you eat when you visit (Nashville, TN)? Ever been to Prince’s Hot Chicken? I came down during our hot rod tour eight or nine years ago—before the Food Network, and we drove out in my yellow, big block ’71 Chevelle from Opryland Hotel about midnight. When they ask me how hot I want it, I say “hot!”—It took me a month to repair my mouth. I mean, seriously, that stuff was like the surface of the sun. It was awesome!

Anywhere else? Last time I was here, we spent an evening down at Second and Broadway, went into six or seven joints and saw some of the best bands—what atmosphere! And I met so many great people at all the party spots.

What do you want people to really know about you? What you see is what you get. I’m just a regular guy. I’ve got great parents, wife, kids, friends. Someone who’d seen me on TV once said, “Hey, you’re just like who you are.” That’s all I got. When I go to bed every night, I remind myself I’m just Guy. I gotta keep it real. If you see me getting out of whack, pull me in check, huh? I just want to stay me.

My response: Yup Guy. Will do.

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