Saturday, May 1, 2010

Guy Fieri hits Louisville, and hits it hard

Oh Thursday the 29th, Guy, his wife Lori and crew flew to Louisville, Kentucky for events surrounding and including the Kentucky Derby.

allison1j - Flying to Louisville on a plane with Guy Fieri. Awesome.

They hit the very popular 4th Street in Louisville; at 4th St I saw Guy Fieri, Joey Fatone, and best of all Aaron Rogers! Green Bay quarterback for all you non fans!

On Friday, April 30, 2010, Guy Fieri hosted the Marriott Oaks Bourbon Brunch. Click here to see video from the brunch, a few folks playing Minute to Win It games.

Moments Photography - Had a terrific time at the Marriott Oaks Bourbon Brunch today. Lots of money raised for Home of the Innocents Guy Fieri is nuts and we had so much fun photographing him with all of the wonderful people who came to the event. Thanks so much for inviting us, HOTI!!

HOTI = "Home of the Innocents." Word on the street is that the food was amazing and the drinks were great. Had a blast.

inmodeerin - Excellent day at the Oaks Brunch this morning! Guy Fieri was hilarious!

justaddbourbon - Guy Fieri whipping up some Bourbon Caramel sauce for the oaks brunch French toast only in bourbon country

gotolouisville - Guy Fieri rode in on a motorcycle right to my table and toasted the crowd with Evan Williams.

Aaron Beverly - is working at Marriott Oaks Bourbon Brunch with guest chef, Guy Fieri. Crowd was tough, but he played to the crowd well. Fun times. ... He was a lot of fun. Especially when he grabbed Paul Zinner's camera and gave Paul the bottle of bourbon. Bottom's up!

After the bourbon brunch, Guy Fieri visited Kosair Children's Hospital.

reddbonepretty - Just met Celeb Chef Guy Fieri he's making room to room visit at Kosair's Children Hospital how wonderful!

Shatonya Jackson - Destiny and I just took a picture with Guy Fieri my favorite Food Network cook. Its so nice that people take the time to visit Kosair

And Guy Fieri finished out a busy day at an outdoor concert with 3 Doors Down and attending (and MC'ing?) at the Barnstable Brown Gala.

3doorsdownrock - Backstage in Louisville, KY with celeb chef Guy Fieri and support band Ugly. Good times!

I'm sure there will be plenty more stories and pictures from the Kentucky Derby weekend to come.

More later.

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The food WAS great! Many thanks again to Guy for a wonderful event.