Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cook with kids this Saturday

Last year, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared the second Saturday in May "Cook With Your Kids Day" and issued a proclamation urging parents to spend time cooking with their children. Moreover, Guy Fieri was presented with a resolution recognizing him as an advocate for families cooking together.From the Office of the Governor of the State of California -
Many of us have busy schedules, balancing careers, family concerns and other duties, but it is more crucial than ever that we take time to be with our children and build strong relationships. Parents and guardians are their best teachers, and by taking time to show our kids how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we make an invaluable investment in their future.

In 2009, Fieri hosted a sushi class for 40 children at his Sacramento Tex Wasabi's restaurant. Half of the participants were from the UC Davis Children's Hospital.

Guy Fieri has said parents need to teach children critical lessons, such as how to cook and how to eat in moderation. "We need to educate our kids about food," he said. "One of the things I do with my son is he has to make the lunch," Fieri said, adding that his son gets to buy the school lunch once a week.

(And, apparently, hold him upside down. Haha!)

At Guy's recent visit to Disney's California Adventure, he talked to reporters about his CA Resolution "Cook with your Kids Day" and why he believes involving kids in cooking is good for them.

But let us NOT let California have all the fun. How do you get your kids to do it? Don't make 'em just peel potatoes. And let them pick what's for dinner:

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