Sunday, May 9, 2010

On Point Pork (GI0809H)

Guy's Big Bite - On Point Pork - Aired: 5/9/10

As we all know, Guy Fieri is a Pal of Pork, and with this menu he's packin' the flavors that are on point! In the arsenal are Cherry Bomb Chops that attack the taste buds with some sweet, spicy, salty, and sour shrapnel of deliciousness, Hoppy Hush Puppies that hop on your taste buds, and a Roasted Mary with Hot Pickled Green Beans to wash it all down.

Cherry Bomb Chops - recipe

Roasted Mary with Hot Pickled Green Beans - recipe - video

Hoppy Hush Puppies - recipe - video

pork loin chops, cherries, Madeira, tomatoes, horseradish, Hot Pickled Green Beans, vodka, cornbread, corn, beer, Agave Butter

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