Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guy's Night In (GI0801H)

Guy's Big Bite - Guy's Night In - Aired: 5/24/10

Guy Fieri is bustin' out the board for Game Night and bringing some bangin' food to boot. Like Weird Spaghetti that tastes anything but weird, an Asiago Pesto Bread that cheesy n' easy, and finally a Layered Salad with 10,000 Island dressing that's ten times better than the original.

Weird Spaghetti - recipe

10,000 Island Dressing with Layered Salad - recipe

Asiago Pesto Bread - recipe

ground beef, tomato sauce, bucatini noodles, 10,000 Island dressing, beets, lettuce, Asiago cheese, bread

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