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Fan questions, May 2011

Recently I added a new page to this blog, Have a Question? At the end of each month, I'll share what fans are asking and what answers I could find for them. [Some answers are edited for brevity. ~D]

Jodi from Freehold wrote, "Hi, I just purchased the Bloody Mary flank steak from Costco (already prepared in plastic pouch). Are there any other flavors prepackaged meats available? thanks!!"

Our answer: At this time, the Bloody Mary flank steak at Costco is the only Guy Fieri pre-packaged meat product of its kind available on the market. You liked it? According to Guy Fieri's consigliere, "more coming soon," so keep an eye out for it!


Donna from Charleston asked, "Was at the road show last night in North Charleston, SC and had a blast. I was the one that caught that last slice of cheese. My question is, the 6 foot margarita machine that you rolled out, was that a Stretch art piece? Thanks for the show. I have told lots about what they missed."

Our answer: Yes! Stretch made that machine. :) You might enjoy checking out his video of Stretch giving the machine one of its first test runs! And here's more about Stretch, www.stretchsculpture.com.


Jenny of West Liberty, OH asked, "how do I get you to come to a little small home town restruant? it is called Liberty Gathering Place; it is where I work, and we are actually a village and not a town or city." And Michelle from Santa Rosa Beach, FL asked, "how do I get you to come to Florida for the best pulled chicken barbeque and gumbo?"

Our answer: Right now, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is in turmoil. Two weeks ago, the production company filed a lawsuit against The Food Network for canceling their order for the next two seasons. At this time, no new locations are being researched. For their part, Food Network has expressed interest in continuing the show with possibly a new executive producer. But until such time as that litigation runs its course, everything is on hold. Stay tuned!


Dan from Virginia asked, "If DDD is no longer produced by Page Productions and moves over to TFN for production, what happens to the recently filmed but not aired segments?"

Our answer: The most recent information suggests that all premiere episodes after Monday, May 23 are now pending a response from Food Network on the current lawsuit filed by Page Productions. Previously-scheduled premiere episodes have now been replaced by reruns on Food Network's schedule.


Rick asked, "So how many recipes has Guy adopted at home from his triple D visits? He keeps saying that he is going to cook this recipe at home. Curious about how many make it to his family."

Our answer: What a great question! I'm not part of his family, but I can answer your question with "a lot."

In fact, a few recipes inspired from DDD's have made it on to Guy's cooking show, Guy's Big Bite. Falafel's Drive-In in San Jose, CA inspired Falafel in Pita with Yogurt Sauce, and Voula's Off Shore Cafe in Seattle inspired Voulas Offshore Cafe Stuffed Grape Leaves. Guy also adapted a Holy Haluski recipe from Kelly O's in Pittsburgh.


Heather from Lake Orion, MI wrote in, "My three and a half year old daughter, Jordyn, LOVES watching Guy on DDD and Big Bite. I heard from my mother that you were going to be at Costco in Madison Hts, MI yesterday and told my daugter about it. Her response was 'That's crazy! How will Guy get off the TV and into Costco?' Then, after explaining that you are a real person not just a tv show, she wanted to go and meet you to give you 'a big squeezer!' You probably don't find it as adorable as I do, but I find much humor and love in her! We were unable to see you as we had other plans, so she made me promise to send you a text or email (what three year old demands such things?! -thanks modern technology!) to tell you she wanted to hug you!

"She and I cook together all the time! She's an amazing onion peeler! lol She particularly likes to see you cooking with your kids! Thanks for the great shows!"

Our answer: Thanks so much for writing! And I'm glad to hear you didn't go to Costco - the store had the wrong date! And fans stood in line, only to think that Guy had stood them up. He hadn't. It's my understanding that the store will obtain signed cookbooks for everyone who was there. So glad Guy has been able to inspire you and your daughter! Again, thank you for sharing your story. :)


Sharon from New Jersey wondered, "How can you participate in the Cheesesteak Showdown in Atlantic City in July?"

Our answer: You'll want to contact Frank Erlanger by email, ferlanger@karlitz.com or by phone at (646) 292-1131 with the name of the restaurant and your contact information. Best of luck!


Lori from Lynchburg wrote, "We missed seeing the Fieri Irish Supper episode! Do you know if and when it will re-air? Thanks!"

Our answer: Well shoot! A Fieri Irish Supper isn't scheduled to re-air any time in the next 30 days. Sorry!

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