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Fan questions, April 2011

Recently I added a new page to this blog, Have a Question? At the end of each month, I'll share what fans are asking and what answers I could find for them. [Some answers are edited for brevity. ~D]

Bob of Aberdeen wrote, "I was wondering if Guy will be doing a book tour. I heard the new book comes out May 3rd, but isn't he doing the road show around that time?"

Our answer: Yes, the Road Show is, essentially, a book tour. Premium tickets include a copy of his new cookbook, Guy Fieri Food. There'll be hit-n-miss book signings, coinciding with Guy's travel schedule, including New Jersey, New York and San Francisco. Click here to keep up to date on these and future stops.


Victor of SPARTA wrote, "Hey Guy, I have an idea for a show. Do a tribute to the truckdrivers/waitress of this great country. My stepdad was a truck driver for over 20 yrs [and] my mother was a waitress for many yrs in local resturants. I watch your show daily.... I never miss a show."

Our answer: We'd suggest you send you show suggestion to the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives production company, Page Productions, Best of luck!


Ralph asked, "Where does Guy get his shirts?"

Our answer: Most of Guy's shirts are Cubavera, and he says he's been wearing Fender shirts lately too. See trivia questions.

We've also seen Remetee, Roar, Affliction, and reported recently Guy wearing J Steger jeans and a Junker shirt.


Jay from Oklahoma City asked, "Where do I find a recipe for the spaghetti squash from a recent show? Really like the food you stumble on across the nation, great show; try to not ever miss!!"

Our answer: I think I found your spaghetti squash, from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, A Little Twisted, at
The Pit Stop - website
1706 Sunrise Hwy., Merrick, NY 11566 - map
(516) 223-7799
View video, beginning at about 5:19.

*Update* The Pit Stop has generously shared this recipe on their website. Click here to view or download.


Marivelle wrote, "I was so star struck that I lost my speech as I dropped my sister off at the San Fransisco Airport, [when a] limo pulls right [with] my most favorite cook, chef, show host Guy Fieri! So I rushed out before he could take off to meet him, and being the sweetheart that he is, gave me a hand shake.... I just love love him. So my question is if you are ever in the bay I would love to hang out with you; thanks, you had made my day...."

Our answer: So glad you caught up and got an autograph, especially when you were having a tough day. Keep an eye out here, Guy Fieri Upcoming Events; we do our best to post when and where he'll be so you can catch the next live event! He'll be in Pebble Beach this weekend.


Paul from Southgate Michigan wrote, "Love Guy's Big Bite. What are all the cooking oils (and other fluids) Guy has in squirt bottles next to the sink?"

Our answer: Glad to hear you like the show! It's my favorite too. :) The bottles contain different liquids, depending on what Guy is making on that day. Typically there will be soy sauce for Asian dishes, olive oil for cooking, extra virgin olive oil for finishing pastas or salads, several types of vinegars (red wine, rice wine, balsamic, etc.) and sometimes a spirit, such as tequila or 151-proof rum, for flaming meats or desserts. He uses the squirt bottles because they're easier to grip when your hands are wet or greasy than glass containers. "Then if it slips, big deal, it doesn't break," he says. "For people like me, it's a lot safer!"

You can see a video from Guy's kitchen here, It's a bit dated, taped in 2008.

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