Monday, April 4, 2011

Reactions from the RITZ Cracker semi-finalists

Ten top recipes have been chosen in the Guy Fieri / RITZ Cracker Recipe Challenge. I reached out to as many Semi-Finalists as I could (respecting those with restricted privacy settings) and asked about their thoughts on being in the Top Ten. Here are their responses!

By Linda
Hi Dora! Love the work you've done with the blog. This is my first recipe contest and was flabbergasted when was chosen as a Top Ten semi-finalist. My 13 y.o. daughter helped develop and prepare the "Italian Wedding Snackers" - this has been a truly empowering experience for us both. I think the BEST thing Guy has done with his career is encouraging people to cook with kids. Congratulations to the rest of the competitors and best of luck in all that you do.

By Nathan
I am very excited to be a semi-finalist in the Ritz recipe challenge. With so many great recipes entered into the contest, just making it into the semi-finals is quite the accomplishment, and I am just happy to be included with all the other great recipes. Good luck to all the other recipes vying for votes!

By Jeanette
I'm a huge fan of Guy Fieri and Ritz crackers and to be chosen as a semi-finalist was a dream come true! To be chosen out of the thousand was a real honor and a huge suprise! I would just like to thank Ritz and Guy Fieri for giving me this opportunity to represent them. I'm just so excited about this contest and I hope I make it to the top three. Also if you're taking turns on voting for the finalists please make sure you vote for my My baby bluegrass burgoo bites with sweet corn jicama chow-chow.

By Richard
I enter a lot of cooking contests; I usually have at least a dozen entries out to different contests at a time. The Ritz contest is a biggie: big promotion with a big name chef and big prizes. Ritz crackers are such a basic staple, you could almost go in any direction with your recipe. I got inspired by a batch of Millionaire Shortbreads that a co-worker brought in one day. I reacted very predictably; I jumped up and down and yelled. The cash prize would be cool, but I've never been to California. That would be a memorable trip. Wish me luck!

By Susan
I am so excited and really hope my Buffalo Shrimp Boats can sail to California!! "These shrimp boats are a little trouble but well worth the effort. The boats are made of cheese and ritz crackers and come out nice and crispy and will melt in your mouth. The filling is spicy and creamy and then topped off with a great crumb mixture."

By Gaylenn
Thanks for asking me to be included in your blog for Guy Fieri. Out of all the chef's who were competing in The Next Food Network's Star, Guy Fieri has been the top of my favorites. He is so down to earth, enthusiastic, and a true foodie! It's an honor to have my Hawaiian bread pudding recipe deemed as a semi-finalist in the RITZ recipe challenge. ... Everyone knows about the famous RITZ "Mock Apple Pie" recipe and I needed to come up with a dessert unique and tasty enough to rival it. ... If I can get enough votes to make it to the final phase of judging, I know my Hawaiian bread pudding has the potential to be the Grand Prize winner!

By Kathi
It’s a huge thrill to be chosen as a semi-finalist in the Ritz Recipe Challenge! Guy Fieri’s shout out for over-the-top recipes inspired me to create my Peppercorn-Crusted Steakhouse Sliders. Ritz Crackers have been a staple in my family since I was a young girl. And when I was in high school and college, my friends and I always kept a box or two in our cars as go-to road food! To be chosen as a semi-finalist in this contest brings my love affair with Ritz Crackers full circle. Congratulations to all of the finalists – some fantastic recipes! – but I sure hope it’s me flying out to CA! And thank you Ritz for giving me this opportunity in your contest!

If you facebook, please vote for your favorite Guy-inspired RITZ Cracker recipe every day through Thursday, April 7, 2011. "Like" and visit to vote. The Top Three recipes move on to the final judging with Guy Fieri and a team of Kraft Foods appointed judges. Best of luck to one and all!

[Semi-Finalists who haven't commented above are welcome to Contact Us privately. ~D]

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