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Fan questions, Mid-April 2011

Recently I added a new page to this blog, Have a Question? At the end of each month (and sometimes half-way thru!), I'll share what fans are asking and what answers I could find for them. [Some answers are edited for brevity. ~D]

Phil from Seattle asked, "When will season 5 be out on DVD?"

Our answer: We haven't heard a whisper about release dates for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives DVD's; we only find out about them once they're released.

Season 5 premiered in October of '08 and ran through March of '09. If Food Network continues to release DVD's at the same rate they have in the past, we expect to see Season 5 available for purchase in about 6 months. Keep an eye out on Food Network Store for Guy Fieri DVD's. Sorry we couldn't be more help than that!


Lauren of New York wrote, "Hii! My boyfriend is a hugggee fan of diners, drive-ins and dives and for his 30th bday I wanted to plan a road trip in the NY, NJ, CT area where we can hit up some of Guys taped or soon to be taped spots. ...would it be possible to get a list of Guys fav's in that area which would help me to schedule my trip route??"

Our answer: Ooo! Great birthday idea! We don't have the taping schedule for DDD that far out yet, sorry. :( But you've picked three really great states for a DDD road trip. Let's see.

Guy was just in New York in October 2010, around the Long Island, Queens area. More information about the New York state locations, click here.

The New Jersey Diner Tour is a fan favorite episode, where Guy visited 7 classic Jersey diners; following in those footsteps would be hard to go wrong. Guy visited New Jersey again in August 2010. Click here for all the New Jersey DDD's.

Guy hasn't taped in Connecticut in forever! Connecticut DDD's listed here.


Lee from Washington DC wrote, "There was a recipe for goulash using flank steak that aired recently. Can anyone help w/that? I know the woman cut it into diamond shapes (possibly to help tenderize it) & she marinated it overnight in a spice mixture that included sweet paprika & curry powder, but I don't remember the other ingredients. She cooked it at 450 but, again, can't remember how long. See why I need help?"

Our answer: I wondered if that wasn't from Kramarczuk Sausage Company in Minneapolis, MN? But that recipe uses pork, not flank steak. You have me stumped! Anyone want to take a shot at this one?


Joe Mast of Gravios Mills wrote, "How do I get Guy to come check out a place at Lake of the Ozarks,Its a little dive called Big Dicks Halfway Inn. Home of the minnow shot,yep we shoot minnows in shots. Got a burger called Dicks pounder, Its huge.Just a fun little place at the lake, I think it would be great for the show."

Our answer: Hilarious! Well, let's see. I think the first thing to find out is if the restaurant makes their food from scratch, never frozen or pre-packaged. All dishes featured must be made in-house using fresh ingredients. For example, gravies and sauces must be made from scratch.

If they make "real deal" food, then you should send your suggestion to or email


Renee' of Mishawaka wrote, "I believe Guy was at a BBQ place and I know it was late March when the episode aired. They were making a pizza with garlic butter, spinach two unique cheeses, more spinach, maybe onion and I thought some BBQ pork on top. I wanted to know where that was and what the unique cheese was?"

Our answer: I believe you're describing the spinach & goat cheese pizza at

Pizzeria Luigi - website
1137 25th St, San Diego, CA, 92102 - map
(619) 233-3309

Here's the video,; the spinach pizza starts right about the 4:40 mark.


Nancy from Windsor, ON Canada asked, "What goes on as far as performance on the Guy Fieri tour?"

Our answer: If this tour is similar to the Guy Fieri Road Show in 2009, expect a local chef to open the show with a cooking demonstration. Then Hayden Wood, flair bartender, comes out to demonstrate a few cocktails, flair bartending tricks, with audience participation, jokes, lots of music and clapping.

Then Guy comes out, throwing T-shirts and such into the audience, he'll take questions and answers, demonstrate new recipes from his upcoming book and serve them to the on-stage ticket holders. There's usually audience participation in the cooking segments, too.

Expect stories from the road (Guy's become a good story-teller!), jokes, music and dancing in the isles. Here's a video of "Story Time" at one of his shows in 2009,


Angelique asked, "What's the quickest, easiest brine for poultry or pork? Thank You!"

Our answer: Nice question! Here's a quick and easy suggestion from Guy: about a tablespoon of salt, a tablespoon of sugar (equal amounts), a teaspoon of peppercorns, fresh garlic (or onion would be fine), and water!

See for a pork chop recipe with Guy Fieri and Matthew McConaughey. :) And more suggestions for a quick and easy breakfast and lunch here, McConaughey and Fieri on healthy cooking.

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