Friday, March 4, 2011

Upcoming "Guy Fieri Food Tour," Spring 2011

Announcements have sprung up that Guy Fieri is going on tour, again. This time, a Guy Fieri Road Show 2011 promoting his upcoming cookbook, "Guy Fieri Food." The tour is justly called "Guy Fieri Food Road Show;" tour presented by the National Pork Board.

Guy Fieri Food, the Road Show Tour
*Updated* tour dates and locations include:
May 2011
May 17 - N. Charleston Performing Arts, N. Charleston, SC - tickets
May 18 - Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte NC - Canceled
May 19 - Harrah's Cherokee, Cherokee, NC - tickets
May 21 - Caesars Windsor Colosseum, Ontario, Canada - tickets
May 22 - Palace Theater, Cleveland, OH - tickets
May 23 - Capitol Theatre, Columbus, OH - tickets
May 25 - Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, MI - tickets
May 27 - Orpheum Theater, Sioux City, IA - tickets
May 28 - Horseshoe Casino Venue, Hammond, IN - tickets
May 29 - Touhill Performing Arts, Saint Louis, MO - tickets
May 30 - Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO - tickets

June 2011
June 1 - Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville, AR - tickets
June 2 - Hard Rock Hotel, Catoosa, OK - tickets
June 3 - Horseshoe Casino, Robinsonville, MS - Canceled
June 4 - Harrah's New Orleans, New Orleans, LA - tickets
June 7 - Ikeda, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ - tickets

The show "will mix the best elements of a live cooking show, the fun of a variety revue and the adrenaline rush of a rock concert." (source)

Tickets go on sale starting March 12 - 18, 2011, depending on location. Tickets available through

See also and Pollstar.

The "Guy Fieri Food" cookbook is due for release on May 3, 2011. Click here for more.

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Ryan said...

Will Guy be there? We're big fans from Cleveland and would love to see him.

Dora said...

Ryan, yup! Guy will be there! :)

Ray Brown said...

Will Guy be in Portland sometime in the future? Ray

Dora said...

Ray, sometime, I'm sure. But at this time, the tour itinerary is complete. We're surprised there are no dates along the East coast nor in the Western states. Guess we'll have to be patient, eh? :)

Bryan said...

What exactly goes on @ the road show? Will Guy be doing meet n greets @ it?

Dora said...

Hi Bryan, meet n greets are included with the premium tickets $100+. We expect this will be similar to the 2009 Road Shows, some cooking, some story telling, music and general shenanigans. :)

By all accounts, Guy puts on a great show.

Anonymous said...

how long are the shows usually

Dora said...

Anon, they vary by location, so you should check with the venue. But based on the earlier road shows, about 2 hours?

Mike said...

Does anyone know what u get for the $250 tickets for the roadshow? Besides being on stage and making it to the meet and greet.

Dora said...


Susie Timm said...

Hey Dora--I'm working on this event in Phx again. I've got a new company! Check it out
I'll gladly give you photos etc as everything comes together!

Susie Timm

Jill said...

Question -- went onto ticketmaster to look at tickets for Horseshow Casino show (5/28). What is included with the tickets for $176?

Dora said...

Jill, $250 - includes a seat on stage, will enjoy samples cooked by Guy Fieri, M&G and an autographed book by Guy Fieri.
$150 - includes 1 of the best house seat, M&G and an autographed book by Guy Fieri.
US $250.00
US $250.00 Ticket + US $8.25 Fees =
US $258.25

US $35.00 - US $150.00
US $35.00 Ticket + US $8.00 Fees =
US $43.00
US $150.00 Ticket + US $8.25 Fees =
US $158.25

US $35.00
US $35.00 Ticket + US $8.00 Fees =
US $43.00

US $35.00
US $35.00 Ticket + US $8.00 Fees =
US $43.00

US $35.00
US $35.00 Ticket + US $8.00 Fees =
US $43.00

Anonymous said...

hi i was wondering if Guy will be coming to philadelphia on his tour

Dora said...

Hi Anon, no. Philly isn't on the tour itinerary. :(

Anonymous said...

The Guy Fieri's Road Show at Caesars Windsor was the BEST show that I have ever been to! Great music, great food and the man is top notch entertainment! I would go see him again! Thanks, Guy! You are the BOMB!!!!

Chris Riley~ Ypsilanti, MI

Anonymous said...

How long is the show?

Dora said...

Anon, about 2 1/2 hours.

Shannen said...

Hey there,

I just purchased the Kulinary Krew VIP package for Guy's show this coming Sunday in St. Louis, MO. It says the show starts at 8 pm. I understand that a meet n' greet is included in the tickets that I bought, but nothing in my confirmation of order said what time we needed to get to the venue to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

~ Shannen

Dora said...

Hi Shannen,

Most venues are asking patrons to check in 2 hours early. But you should call Touhill directly at (314) 516-4949 to confirm.

Deana said...

What if we bring our own cookbook for him to sign, would we be able to do that? We don't want to try the food, just enjoy the show & get our book signed.

Dora said...

Hi Deana,

Guy and the Road Show crew have stayed after on some, but not all, of the performances to sign memorabilia. I'd say, bring the book, prepare to stay late and hope for the best!

Sarah said...

No stops in Texas. Sad face :(