Monday, February 28, 2011

Fan questions, February 2011

Recently I added a new page to this blog, Have a Question? At the end of each month, I'll share what fans are asking and what answers I could find for them.

Rick of Boston wrote, "Hi There, I was wondering if there was a nice detailed scan of the 'Guy Ate Here' logo? I want to put one in my kitchen and think it would look cool."

Our answer: Nice! There isn't an online version of the Guy Ate Here logo, but there are plenty of photographs that you might be able to use in conjunction with some image software, such as Photoshop. Visit this Flickr page for a nice assortment of photographs.

You can also visit Guy's site,, and take a screen shot of the original image from which the cardboard spray paint stencil was made. Hope that was helpful! And let us know how the project turns out. More on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.


Sonya of Hope wrote, "Where can I find shirts like the ones Guy Fieri wears on Minute to Win it? All I can find are T-shirts, I'm looking for the ones with the collars, like the black one he wears with the red inside the collar."

And Jason of Houston wrote, "Where does Guy get those killer shirts he wears on M 2 Win it?"

Our answer: They are great questions! I've sent an email to Guy's stylist at NBC to get some more information. As soon as I hear back, I'll forward the information to you. More on Minute to Win It.


Maggie of New York wrote, "I have a dear friend who wants to suprise her husband for his 50th birthday with a Guy appearence or possibly a cooking event. He has a late summer birthday. Please tell me how, I can help her make this happen. They are the sweetest people and deserve a great event. Guide me to getting it done!"

And Rose of Evansville wrote, "In the town that I live in Evansville In. , the first full weak of Oct.. We have the second largest Festival in the U.S.A. It is hosted by the West Side Nut Club. 1 week of Food , Fun & Games. Come & Check it out , I believe you will have a great time."

Our answer: I think your best bet is to contact Guy Fieri's company directly. Mail to

Knuckle Sandwich
575 W College Avenue Suite 202
Santa Rosa CA 95401

As I'm sure you can guess, his travel schedule is very full. But who knows! Maybe he'll be in the area at the right time. Best of luck! And let us know how it goes. More on Guy Fieri Appearances.


Cathy of Shorewood wrote, "Does Guy really dislike eggs or is he allergic?"

Our answer: He really dislikes eggs. At least, he dislikes whole eggs as a component of a dish. He uses eggs as an ingredient in other dishes, so, no allergy. :) More on Guy Fieri Recipes.


Sherry of White Cloud, MI wrote, "Is there a place for me to send in a really great challange for the show? I learned to do this when I was a kid, and at 67 years old I am still able to do it, not as fast as I use to but I can do it. It is quite hard to do. Thanks."

Our answer: Yes. The preferred method is to send in a video of you (or your friends) explaining and completing the challenge. Visit to upload your video. More on Minute to Win It.


Dan of Sacramento wrote, "Is Guy opening a food truck in the Sacramento area?"

Our Answer: No, it isn't Guy's. However, there is a gourmet food truck in Sac called "Mini Burger," founded by Davin Vculek, who used to be Corporate Executive Chef at Johnny Garlic's and Tex Wasabi's.

You can find out more about the Mini Burger food truck on Yelp, visit, follow on Twitter @MiniBurgerTruck or add as a friend at

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