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Fan questions, Mid-February 2011

Recently I added a new page to this blog, Have a Question? At the end of each month, I'll share what fans are asking and what answers I could find for them.

Jgreen of Bolingbrook wrote, "What kind of stove top does Guy use in his show?"

Our answer: "Guy uses Viking equipment at home, and we imagine the same on GBB." [answer courtesy of Brooks Group PR.]

Joanne of New Bedford wrote, "How do I go about promoting a local restaurant." Our answer: "Restaurant promotion is a complicated animal that can be rendered down to 'consistent compelling information directed to your core customer'." [answer courtesy of Brooks Group PR.]

Debra of West Hartford wrote, "Guy Fieri had a friend/partner on his show the other day for the Big Game. The turkey Burger, baked potato salad and a grape mojito were made on the show. I cannot get the recipe for the grape mojito. The website only brings up a kumquat mojito. Please help and send the recipe. Also, will Guy be anywhere near Connecticut promoting a book or any demonstrations? Thank you" Our answer: "Michael Perea was on that episode, Guy's Big Game. He is a mixologist and advises Guy on many of his cocktails for the show. He sent in with the correct recipe:
Sonoma County Mojito: Red, black, green grapes. Tablespoon sugar, 1 lime cut into 4 wedges, 6-8 mint leaves ( muddle all ingredients ) 2 oz silver rum, 1 oz white Sonoma County wine ( any variatal ) 4 oz soda water.
And you can view a YouTube video.

At this time, no trips to Connecticut have been formally released. However, Guy will be promoting a cookbook of his own recipes, "Guy Fieri Food," this Spring, so that might be a timeframe to watch out for.

We keep as much information as we can about his upcoming book signings and appearances at Upcoming Events."

J Malm of Eatonton, GA wrote, "how do we get the recipe wid rice cranberry bread and french toast from saras table creek cafe?"

Our answer: "The Food Network requests each restaurant on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives share one recipe. It's up to the restaurant to decide if they want to share more than one. Sara's Table Creek Cafe chose to share their recipe for brisket sandwiches here, For more, you should contact the restaurant directly. Here is their contact information:"
Carla Blumberg
At Sara's Table, Chester Creek Cafe
1902 East 8th Street
Duluth, MN 55812
or call: (208) 724-6811 or (218) 723-8569

LaVada of Clinton wrote, "I am a Hospitality Services Management Major and I a hoping to be able to do my semester project on him, so if you can think of any other little known tidbits about him, that would be a big help!!"

Our answer: "Here are some frequently asked questions that we've compiled: I've heard Guy say many times that we chose HM as his UNLV major because he wanted to get into the restaurant biz. Yes, he loves to cook and be creative with recipe development, but that he also valued being trained in the arts and skills of business management as well. Moreover, I've heard him say many times that the most important thing to do in the restaurant biz is to take care of your guests. Not customers, guests. He's very service-oriented. He has endorsed word-of-mouth advertising and serving flavorful food to build business, rather than offering coupons and discounts.

A few of our favorite interviews include
Guy Fieri, and others, on the restaurant industry
Restaurant Radio interviews Guy Fieri at Johnny Garlic's
Video: Restaurant Radio live from Johnny Garlic's

'Create guests and keep guests' is a motto at both Johnny Garlic's and Tex Wasabi's.
I hope any of that was helpful! Write back if you need anything else."

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