Sunday, February 27, 2011

Round up of photos, SOBEWFF 2011 (part 1)

Here are a few collected tweets and pictures from the South Beach Wine & Food Fest, held in Miami, FL from Thursday 2/24/11 through Sunday 2/27/11.

Emeril Lagasse and Guy Fieri part of a radio broadcast for the Paul & Young Ron Show. buzzed that "The always chatty Guy Fieri tipped us off on his favorite Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives of Miami. 'I like Betty’s Soul Food. There’s a little luncheria on 14th Street that I’ve been going every day. And Sonny’s is a great one.'

Jonoei snapped this pic of Guy and his wife, Lori, on Friday at BubbleQ

Bitchin' Kitchen posted this entirely-too-close snapshot of Guy Fieri's pendant, a skull in chef's hat, created by Room101Silver. Guy, we're thinking it's time to wax the chassy. :)

MisMaraFtL tweeted that her "parents were @ bubbleq 2nite. Said u were a rockstar. She wanted a pic so badly that she got throught the bodyguards & got 1!!" And what a great pic it is.


Delish caught up with Guy Fieri at BubbleQ, where they asked, "So what's your favorite kind of BBQ?"
Guy's reply, "I love brisket. Simple great beef brisket cooked the right way, all that fat reducing you know melting into the meat. And then I love Carolina barbecue with a good vinegar sauce. And I love Northern California, Santa Marina style. I think the area puts me in the mood. We have such different trends and styles of barbecue in the United States. We're blessed."

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