Thursday, April 14, 2011

News on Johnny Garlic's, Cookbook sneak peek, more interviewed Guy Fieri recently, "On his new Johnny Garlic's in Dublin: So, it looks like the new Johnny Garlic's in Dublin has an estimated opening date of June 1 now. Fieri did say that all the staff has already been hired and trained for the new restaurant, and that he was really looking forward to the opening...."

"This is the next big step in our company," Guy said, "You'll see a little different style and decor, and you'll see a whole variety of new items on the menu. This is our newest location and first since 2008, so I think coming down to Dublin, we're putting everything into it—this is the next generation of Johnny Garlic's."

Guy also commented on the loss of his Lamborghini. Click here for the full article.


Guy Fieri was in Los Angeles recently, taping new episodes for the 10th season of Guy's Big Bite. caught him on-set wearing J Steger jeans and a Junker shirt.

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Harper Collins Publishers have made Guy Fieri's new cookbook, "Guy Fieri Food," available using "Browse Inside." Check it out!

Guy Fieri writes, "Fact is, I've been cookin' it, livin' it, and lovin' it since I was just a kid, and it's a privilege to help you bring home some of my own classic, big, and bold flavors." Guy Fieri Food is due for release May 3, 2011.


Doe's Eat Place of Bentonville, Arkansas facebooked last night, "right now, we are cooking up a 2&1/2 lb porter house for Guy Fieri who is in our main dining room! Never know who you'll run into at the bar."

Ain't that the truth! @IrishTodd1 tweeted, "Guy Fieri Of the Food Network is here" with a grainy pic at the bar,

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