Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guy's Amazing Apps (GI1006H)

Guy's Big Bite - Guy's Amazing Apps - Aired 5/29/11

Guy Fieri makes a tapas-style meal with Chorizo Stuffed Reds, red potatoes loaded up with chorizo and mediterranean flavors, then finished off with a blanket of bubbly manchego cheese. His Lamb and Feta Sliders feature 2-bite lamb patties packed with salty feta, grilled with a sweet-salty pomegranate glaze, and served on sweet rolls with creamy Mint Aioli. Special guest Michael Symon prepares Roasted Dates with Pancetta, Almonds and Chile. A glass of RIESLING Wine keeps appetites ready for more.

Chorizo Stuffed Reds - recipe

Lamb and Feta Sliders with Mint Aioli - recipe

Roasted Dates with Pancetta, Almonds and Chile - recipe
Recipe courtesy Michael Symon

Keywords: red potatoes, chorizo, Manchego cheese, ground lamb, feta cheese, Hawaiian sweet rolls or potato rolls, Mint Aioli, dates, pancetta

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