Friday, May 27, 2011

Guy Fieri Road Show Photo Book, available for pre-order

In 2009, Guy Fieri first took his show on the road, 21 cities in 30 days, and Alan "Shooter" Poulin was along for the ride. Shooter captured "the most rockin' moments on the very FIRST Tour with Guy." The Guy Fieri Road Show Photo Book is now available for pre-order, for $24.99.

This book captures the best elements of Guy Fieri's live cooking show, the fun of a variety revue, and the non-stop adrenaline rush of a rock concert. Unscripted, insanely entertaining, interactive cooking stations, secret tips and behind the scenes images were captured in this fantastic book!

Visit or click here to view book sample. You can also "like" the book on Facebook.

A few of Shooter's photographs are also posted on

In August 2010, Food Network aired a 1-hour special exclusive look behind the scenes as Guy Fieri travels the country on his culinary tour that is part cooking demo/part Rock concert. Check out this clip.

Want more pictures of Guy Fieri? Check out's Flickr page.


On a programming note, Guy Fieri is scheduled to be on "The View" on Memorial Day Monday, May 30, 2011. "We're grilling with Guy Fieri." Ray Romano, rapper Tinie Tempah and artist Kaziah Hancock are also on the show. Visit

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