Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TGIF photo shoot

Found this while searching around for information on Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

Josh Rose photographed Guy Fieri for his TGIF images in late November, 2008. And a big thank you to him for making these images available.

Obviously the shot above doesn't suit for the energetic, frenetic image Guy is known for, nor what TGIF would be looking for to promote a you-should-be-seen-here eatery. But damn, it's a great shot. So much character.

See more at images from the shoot at behance.net. See creative commons for photo-sharing properties.

I like this one too. Something just makes me want to add a baloon above, "I'm gonna getchya." And I think, "yeah ok."


Emily said...

He sure is excellent on the commercials and the show. He's a good host.

Tracy said...

Wow, great photo shoot. And thank you for the links.