Saturday, January 10, 2009

UNLV to award Guy Fieri for excellence in April

Guy Fieri is slated to receive the Dom Perignon Award of Excellence at the 35th annual UNLVino wine tasting event, set for April 16 - 18, 2009.

Touted as "the largest wine tasting west of the Mississippi," the event raises scholarship funds for the students of UNLV's Hotel Administration college. Alumni George Maloof Jr. and Glenn Carano will also be awarded.

Guy has often mentioned his appreciation to UNLV for providing him the education he needed for his chosen profession. He is also a member of Alpha Tau Omega, a leadership development fraternity.

And here's a link to a video interview of Guy's most recent visit to UNLV for their Chef Artist Dinner series, October 16 2008.

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Tracy said...

Cool! I live in Vegas, and hadn't heard about UNLVino. Looks great! I'll check into it more. Thanks!