Monday, January 26, 2009

I am done

Guy Fieri crossed the line of rude behavior to a very dear friend. I am appalled at his insolence and am done being ... a fan of Guy Fieri.


Anonymous said...

What happened? You can't just leave us in suspense and disappointed!

Dora said...

Just that - he was rude and insulting to a friend who did *not* deserve such treatment.

Believe me. We are *all* disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that, and I really hope you'll soon continue your fan blog on Guy Fieri . . . us fellow fans enjoy it very much!

Dora said...

I wish I could. I really did admire his work, and his recipes did inspire me to new directions in my own kitchen.

But how can one support a man who's ego has blown up, out of control! He spoke to her in anger, belittled her, had a few cruel laughs with his DDD camera crew at her expense then dismissed her as one would onion peels in RR's garbage bowl.

This has nothing to do with fan vs. celebrity. This has to do with people - he's just a guy, and she's just a gal; they're even both in different aspects of the same industry.

He owes her an explanation at the least and an apology at best. And he knows it.

KoolKooker said...

C'mon . . . u gotta come back and give us our Guy-fix! I heard hes gonna be on Jay Leno next month. We want ur blog bakc!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sad...but not too surprised...he seems like he has that jerk part of his personality...oh I don't feel so bad for thinking he always seemed like a bit of a tool....and whats with those sunglasses on the back of his head....lame