Monday, January 19, 2009

News Spot and Feedback from URS

Better TV interviews Guy Fieri behind the scenes for Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

Diana Davis, from the Comfort Food category, had this to say:

Guy is a really wonderful person, and being on the same set with him was such a thrill! He really is the nice, interesting, and funny person you see on the screen. He gives everyone the feeling that he is honestly interested in what they say.

Can you tell me what it was about your interactions with Guy that gave you the impression he is honestly interested in what people say? I agree with you on that topic, and am interested in how you came to the same conclusion.

First, the way he talks to you. Guy looks you right in the eye when you are talking to him. And then he asks you questions, and maybe makes comments. You can tell he really is interested in people. This is what makes him a good host, and probably such a success in the food business. People want to be around him, because he makes us all feel he wants to be around us.

People are drawn to a REAL person!

On meeting Guy Fieri, did he have any words of wisdom, encouragement or advice for you before, during or after the taping?

Guy really calmed me down, and helped me relax. HE let us know to have fun, to let things happen, to just get in there and be ourselves. I was so into having a good time, I wasn't nervous at all when we started, even when the butter went kapoof!

Did you walk away from your experience with any momentos? Autographs or pictures you'd care to share?

I brought a silver paint pen, and since they let us keep our aprons, I had Guy, Rick Masa and some of the amazing test kitchen wizards sign it. We got two, so I have the signed one, and an unsigned one I use in the kitchen. I still have my polenta cutter, and it is so useful-polenta, bananas, butter and such. I'll send you some pictures soon!

Other comments?

He's just warm and wonderful, which is why I guess he has been such a success! What is it now,three shows? Four? Five?

Four, but who's counting ....

It was one of the most fun things I have ever done! What a lucky person I was for being able to do it.

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