Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am sure anyone who is a fan of Guy Fieri has visited his website. I've noticed that the graphic layout has changed in recent months, and that many of the links have been 'under construction' for quite some time.

I visited today, and found that the majority of links and pages have been updated and are now working.

... including ...

A link to a full, updated and interactive map of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I'm not too proud to say that with the encouragement of husband and friends, I played a part in making that happen. Thank you Mr. Hoekenga!

Here are a few of my comments on what else I see on that website.
1. Buy Gear: Good that the gear is there; I'm sure it appeals to many, but I won't buy any of it. Sorry Guy!
"Kulinary Krew" - it is a pet peeve of mine when people purposefully misspell words. Blame it on an over-exuberant 7th grade English teacher, and I'm too old to change my pet peeves. I similarly refused to send my children to a nearby daycare called Kids Kastle for the same reason. The word "krew," I could understand if it was spelled "krewe," a group with hereditary membership whose members organize and participate as costumed paraders in the annual Mardi Gras carnival. "Culinary Krewe" I would buy.
"Knuckle Sandwich" - a euphemism for a punch in the face. No thank you.
"Food Fite" - Misspelled, more violence. Thank you, but I'll decline.

2. Get to know Guid: Good page, nice bio, my kids have fun changing his look. But as much as I snooped around, I found no "inside 'dish' on yours truly, the people in my Krew, some of the people I meet."

3. G-TV: looks new. The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives font doesn't match the other two shows, but look at me being picky. And where's Ultimate Recipe Showdown? It's current, hot and missing from his website. I should also think this is where some video should be. Pick some favorite clips off You Tube and embed. Right? Maybe even change up the videos once a month, just to keep things fresh.

4. Food: I like this. I like this a lot. So far the once-a-month recipes are a cocktail and two veggie dishes. The cocktail I get, but veggies from Guy? Let's hope February's installment is a meat dish, big n bold cooked low n slow. Perhaps he can try Dorable's Pot Roast! haha

5. Email Sign Up: Under Construction?

6. Contact Us: Perhaps the site's page most in need of development, of which Hoekenga Design and Guy are well aware. At today's writing, the Guest Book hasn't been updated in two months. Why? They are just plain too busy to approve the multitude of posts. And that's too bad. If a fan takes the time to compose a thoughtful comment and submit it, only to see day after day that comment hasn't posted after several weeks go by, one loses hope. And faith. And that's sad.

I think it may also be helpful for a brief explanation of what an "agent" is and does, and what a "press inquiry" is. Those in the biz know, but the rest of us do not.

7. Events: Nice! And new too, I believe. Incomplete, however, as I see Rock Fantasy Camp is missing. And websites for more information on these events would be handy too.

8. Media Kit: Lovely. Something I'll never need, but nice to have it there.

Were I in charge of the world (heaven forbid) I would add one more page to I would call it "Show Me Your Grill!" - a place where fans could upload pictures of their perhaps brief meeting at a restaurant, book signing or elsewhere. I see these all over, on MySpace, personal blogs, Facebook, all over. Fans would love to know that he's seen the result of that quick flash of bulb. And I think, were I Guy, I'd want to see that too, the pride, the joy and happiness showing in the faces of these fans. hmmm?

Speaking of all over, there are currently 5 "Guy Fieri's" on MySpace and 2 "Guy Fieri's" on Facebook. Real, any of them? Bah.

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