Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Minute to Win It" Kinect Game for Xbox 360

Due in stores October 18, 2011, video game publisher Zoo Entertainment, Inc. has released a "Minute to Win It"™ game for Xbox 360®, with the Kinect™ Sensor for controller-less play. Similar to what is seen on television, "Minute to Win It" features the likeness and voice of Guy Fieri, who guides you throughout the game.

According to a Marketwire press release:
"The premise of the 'Minute to Win It' game show translates perfectly to a Kinect experience because the real physical challenges of the game can be implemented using a hands-free control mechanism," said Mark Seremet, CEO of Zoo Games, Inc. "What we've noticed during the focus group testing was that players who weren't familiar with the show still had an amazing time playing the game. It's just inherently fun. Also, one of the most entertaining aspects of any Kinect game is watching video replays of yourself and others and in 'Minute to Win It' for Kinect we have set up challenges that will lead to hilarious and entertaining video reels."

The game has four single-player modes and six multi-player modes including 2-player co-op and 4-player turn-based action. "Minute to Win It" for Kinect is rated "E" for "Everyone."

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