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Fan questions, September 2011

Some time ago I added a new page to this blog, Have a Question? I receive some 50 questions each month. Here, I share what fans are asking and what answers I could find for them. [Some answers are edited for brevity. ~D]

TJ from Carta asked, "where do you get your shirts, and how can I get them? And can you find a decent dinner, drive-in or a dive in my town St.Petersburg, Florida?"

Our answer: Great questions! Interestingly enough, some of Guy's shirts will be for sale soon. We'll have more information on that in another week or two. Please check back? In the meantime, Guy said, "Cubavera is the main brand, but starting to wear a lot of Fender stuff now... Yeah Fender like the guitar, sweet stuff." He also wears shirts from Remetee, Roar and Affliction.

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives taped in Tampa and St. Petersburg in March of this year. Here's all the places they went, Triple D hits Tampa, FL. Let us know if you go to any of 'em?


Maria from Philadelphia wrote, "So I watched last night [9/19/11] 'new' episode to see what Citizen Pictures did with all of the material that Page Productions got for them. It still sounds off - and not the typical DDD that I know after watching dozens of episodes.

I also am curious to know what's happening with the credits - obviously Page Productions found the locations, did all of the pre-production and research, and the production itself. But it looks like the only credit it to Guy himself. Perhaps David Page is right about Guy - he thinks he can do the show all by himself."

Our reply: Yes, I watched this episode very carefully too. Have had a few emails about it already. Most noticeable was the reduced volume of background music. On the one hand, a reader wrote that he could hear the conversation better. On the other hand, he said that it sounded "dead," that it was almost uncomfortable to "eavesdrop" on someone else's conversation. I thought that was insightful?

I've reached out to Citizen Pix for comment on the credits. Haven't heard back yet.


Debbie from Toronto asked, "I still do not understand why you don't come up here to Canada? We eat alot more than just poutine.... Anyway we love th show and I have been to a couple of your pics in AZ. We are now going to watch the Bruin and Leaf game in Boston this October. Since I don't have too much time which place was your absolute fav in Boston?"

Our answer: Guy hit the Vancouver, B.C. area in early August for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. We anticipate it will be a very popular episode (or series of episodes). Assuming it goes well, one can only assume that the Toronto area would be next on the list of "north-of-the-border" areas to be researched and taped for the show. If you have favorite restaurants in Toronto to suggest, send 'em to

In Boston, try Mike's City Diner - website, or any of the places listed here, Triple D goes to New England.


Brent of Summit Hill simply asked, "Does guy like eggs?"

Our answer: As an ingredient, yes. As a dish as itself, no. For breakfast, Guy has said he likes a plate of hash, or just a banana and a cup of coffee. He's also taken up making organic juices of fruits and vegetables for breakfast. He also doesn't like chocolate and sweets.


Michael from Novato asked, "At the local Costco I found two types of Guy's Tri Tip, now I can only find the one. Sorry can't remember the names, but the one they carry now is a shade of orange, and is very good. But the one with the greenish sauce is my fav, and I can't find it. Are they going to get it back? Or can I find it elsewhere???"

Our answer: Excellent question! Each Costco location is trying and rotating different flavors, and those decisions are made locally. I think you're referring to the Rosemary, Herb Pepper Crusted Beef Sirloin Tri Tip? We suggest that you contact your local Costco meat department service manager and make a request.


Kinben from Vancouver, BC asked, "When is the DDD episode from Vancouver, BC Canada going to be on the air?"

Our answer: The earliest air date for a Vancouver location to be on the show is October 31. We have no confirmed dates at this time.


Rebecca MacKinnon from Nottinghamshire, UK asked, "Is there any way I can get a copy of the hunch card from one of the episodes of DDD? I would love a copy to give to my brother! Thanks."

Our answer: Oh, we've been on the lookout for one of those hunch cards for a looooong time. So far, have not found any available to beg, borrow, steal nor purchase. If we do, we'll add your name to the list of interested parties, to be sure.

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