Friday, September 23, 2011

TVFoodMaps creates DDD alert

There are several websites and mobile apps that help travelers find Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on their way. TVFoodMaps takes it a step further by tracking several food-related travel shows and the places they visit across the country.

Frank, one of the site developers wrote, "The site was built by two friends / programmers who both love watching and traveling to the places they see on shows like DDD, Man vs. Food and just about any other show on Food Network and Travel Channel. While we found a number of great fan sites for individual shows we hadn't come across a single site that would act as a 'hub' for all of these shows."

Recently, TVFoodMaps announced a service they provide to alert YOU when you're near a featured location. In their own words ....

We are really excited to announce what I would say is our coolest feature yet, Location Based Notifications. This feature allows you to automatically get emailed or SMS’d (text) whenever you are near a restaurant seen on TV.

We use your check-ins on services like FourSquare and Facebook to determine where you are and then notify you with an email or SMS (it’s up to you) about the places that are nearby. This way you never miss out on a chance to eat at a restaurant you saw on shows like Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, Man v. Food or any of the 11 shows featured on our site. Don’t worry we provide settings to control how often we contact you, we don’t want to be a nuisance!

To use this feature you must be a registered user and connect your account with either Facebook or Foursquare. You can learn exactly how to setup this feature by reading our “How-To” post.

As always please let us know how we can make this better!

For more, visit, follow in Twitter @tvfoodmaps or find them on Facebook.

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