Friday, June 4, 2010

Knuckle Sandwich on a Walkabout

Devin Halliday, a self-proclaimed foodie, traveler and "kulinary king," is taking a trip down under to Australia. He's taking Guy Fieri's "Knuckle Sandwich" brand with him and keeping a blog about his adventures at

Guy Fieri is known worldwide, and now his Knuckle Sandwich line of clothing, cooking tools and swag are going to gain international fame. Join me to see what kinda trouble we can get in to.

Devin's itinerary covers the eastern shores of Australia beginning on June 7, 2010, traveling from Brisbane, north to Lady Musgrave Island, and south to Sydney Australia.

CommunityWalk Map - Knuckle Sandwich on a Walkabout
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Devin will keep a travel blog of his adventures, sharing inside information about the restaurants, pubs and colorful characters he'll meet while away from his hometown of Santa Rosa, CA.

"I've got quite a few surprises set up, and I can't wait to share them."

Guy Fieri's company, "Knuckle Sandwich" set Devin up with gear to take on his trip to Australia in June, including squeeze bottles, branded clothing and Guy Fieri's Knuckle Sandwich series of knives by Ergo Chef.

You can follow Devin by signing up for real-time updates via Google FriendConnect or Facebook by visiting his travel blog at Just scroll down to the lower right-hand side of the home page.

Or if you Twitter, you can follow him @DevinRobert.

We'll be following the Knuckle Sandwich Walkabout too! You can find Devin's blog feed on this page, lower right-hand margin in the red box, just below Guy Fieri's official Facebook. :)

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