Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father and son, on toothpicks and corn dog sticks

Dan Taylor on the fine arts scene at the Press Democrat encouraged his readers to send in homemade artwork. Local resident Al Travasso and his five-year-old son, Tony submitted this photo to the ARTS blog:

Guy Fieri and his portrait with artists Tony and Al Travasso

“We rummaged through dumpsters at his restaurants for labels of bottles and bottle caps, over 150, then painted his picture over it,” Al wrote. “His hair is made of toothpicks and old corn dog sticks (Tony’s favorite.)”

The Travassos gave the finished painting to Fieri last March, but Al preserved the moment in the photograph shown above.

Happy Father's Day!


The Guy Fieri Roadshow was at the San Diego Fair yesterday ...

*link to video*

My favorite quote so far:
"Just met guy fieri in the elevator, drunk as f*** talking about how he wants to run with the bulls"

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Anonymous said...

Super cool. What talent!