Friday, April 16, 2010

Kevin Jonas to appear on "Minute to Win It"

Access Hollywood reported yesterday that Kevin Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers fame, will play on Guy Fieri's Minute to Win It on Sunday, May 23 May 12, 2010. Minute to Win It airs on NBC.

Kevin will be playing for Change for the Children Foundation (website), a charitable organization by The Jonas Brothers which "supports programs that motivate and inspire children to face adversity with confidence, determination and a will to succeed."

In spite of less-than-enthusiastic reviews of the show by critics, Minute to Win It has continued to draw 6 - 7 million viewers each night it has aired. A blogger recently noted that
an entire cottage industry has sprung up on the web showcasing actual clips from the program and showing us how we can hone the skills necessary to beat the clock. It may be the first time in history where the host of a studio TV show reminds us to "Please. Try this at home."
I've long contended that people are going to love the games. LOVE THE GAMES! And they do. This spark from such a well-known and youthful celebrity will certainly push the ratings.

Score, Mr. Craig Plestis, executive producer, score.

On a programming note, Minute to Win It is back to airing on both regular Sundays and off-n-on Wednesdays.

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