Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guy Fieri attends Scripps' upfront for The Cooking Channel

Scripps Network, the "mother ship" to the Food Network, The Travel Channel and more, is launching a re-vamp to FLN (Fine Living Network), to be called The Cooking Channel. Scripps has been flirting with advertisers at events called "up fronts," in a few major cities around the country.

Yesterday, Tuesday April 20, 2010, Scripps held their "up front" in New York City. Guy Fieri was there, and so was Mediapost at the event, writing in part:

Scripps brought out an early dig at competitors with a note that others may have two-hour presentations, but they're still lower in ratings than Scripps. They aimed for showcasing their content, rather than their celebrity talent. Make no mistake, though, there were celebrities there. And I stalked them...

First up, Adam Richman. My nephew, Ben, loves "Man vs Food." In fact, along with my other nephew, Carson, Food Network and the Travel Channel are creating lifetime viewers. Some people bond with their nieces and nephews over sports or school or booger jokes (OK, there's no drought of those in my family circle), but I bond with mine over burning-mouth wing competition stories or cheese grits from Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives."

I printed out signs ahead of time for Richman and Fieri to pose with, and both obliged at 8:30 a.m. with welcoming smiles -- and, in the case of the platinum-spiked Fieri, twinkling eyes, a barking guffaw, and, you got it, one-of-a-kind autographs complete with a doodle. I mean, seriously, who is so gracious? That guy!

"Next year," roared Fieri at his turn on the stage, "We're going to have a full bar over there and Kings of Leon up here!"

Click here to view more pictures from the upfront; read the full article here. And find out more about the new Cooking Channel at

Much to the amazement of many, it appears as if Guy Fieri will NOT have a new show on the Cooking Channel. Perhaps the ones he has already are enough, eh?

We also received an encouraging tweet:

Drew_Estate_Dav - @FansOfGuyFieri total class act. I've met countless celebrities that are complete jerks but he was great.

David, we're so glad to hear! Not everyone always have positive experiences when meeting celebrities, certainly. And I can only express pleasure that you had a positive one with Guy.

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