Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is Guy Fieri doing in Philly and New York?

Haha, I've received 23 emails in the last 24 hours asking, "What is Guy Fieri doing in Philly and New York?" Readers, I'm not privy to inside information, but here is what I do know, from the Twitter Trail:

audiopostmaja - Early morning VO [that's Voice Over ~D] session with Guy Fieri for "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" - awesome dude!

csharpfritz - Wow... Guy Fieri just dropped by @933WMMR to visit this morning.. Great job @kathyromanowmmr @CaseyboyWMMR and @MarisaMagnatta !

Bryan_McGee - Got to work with @ChefGuyFieri this morning. Awesome, hilarious dude.

MarisaMagnatta - Ask and ye shall receive! @ChefGuyFieri did a "fly by to say hi" on his way to @QVC

Surprise Guest Guy Fieri at WMMR studios - see photos here. To listen to the podcast interview, click here.

Guy Fieri visited the same studios in November, 2009, on a press tour for the Guy Fieri Road Show.

shelbyabbott - Just met Guy Fieri from the Food Network! ... Great meeting this dude...killer necklace!

JonesNewYork - Just shot Guy Fieri for an upcoming PSA with teachers count this past weekend! So cool! Can't wait to see the pictures!

We'll keep an eye out for the PSA, http://www.jny.com/ and / or http://www.teacherscount.org/.

amilya - Had to much fun with William Morris and Guy Fieri today today Big squishy hugs!

From Philadelphia, Guy Fieri moved on to New York City.

ChefGuyFieri - Cookin dinner with the cool cats "Kings of Leon" at food network kitchens. Great dudes, 8 of my fav dishes! off da hooks times!

The Kings of Leon (website) are a southern rock / alt. rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, perhaps best known for the songs "Sex on Fire", "Use Somebody" and "Notion." What they have to do with the Food Network, I do not know.

And this morning, the Food Network was up early for Scripps' NYC upfront presentation; a big day for the Cooking Channel.

carrieFN - Guy fieri, adam richman (man v food) and candice olson (hgtv) are here! Adam is really cute

socialmedium - Adam richman wins for most dapper. Guy Fieri actually took the time to draw something for my nephews. What a sweet guy.

ginagaran - Doing a morning shoot with Adam 'Man vs. Food' Richman, Guy Fieri and Candice Olson. So sweet, but dolls are easier!

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1 comment:

Corinne said...

Really Dora, its ridiculous that you have to do all this research. SOME one in Guy's camp should be keeping you up to date with what he's doing.

Lord knows Kleetus blog doesn't, and Guy's website says the very next thing he's going to do is tape DDD in Reno! ugh.

Can't his manager, publicist or someone at the Food Network or NBC even !! keep in contact with you?