Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives drives business up

KSL.com reports that Utah area restaurants featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives have significantly increased their business. And not just after the episode first airs, but each time there are re-runs too, the businesses notice a remarkable increase in customers.

Owner Lucy Cardenas of Salt Lake's Red Iguana had concerns about doing the show, but now is glad she did. "I would say it has definitely helped at least 10 percent. At least 10 plus," she said, and further, "people come in from out of state simply because the restaurant was featured on DDD."

Fans of the show may remember one of Guy's more memorable quotes from the Red Iguana episode, "Love, Peace ... and Taco Grease!"

The reruns have their impact too. The Burger Bar in Roy, Utah has had its episode aired 14 times. Manager Jessica Fowler says, "Last summer was insane." Overall, the restaurant has seen a 35 percent increase in business.

Erika Nelson of Ruth's Diner said, "We get four or five questions a day [about the show]," everything from what the taping was like to what Guy Fieri eats.

Each restaurant takes two to three days to shoot. At Pat's BBQ in Salt Lake, crews shot 14 hours worth of video then an additional nine hours when Fieri was in town.

But owner Pat Barber says, "It's been very, very, very, very busy. Did I say, ‘very'?" Before the show aired in January, Barber was feeding roughly 300 people a day. That has jumped to nearly 1,200.

Barber further commented that a production company saw his episode, and he's in negotiations to host a cooking show pilot.

Take that, Next Food Network Stars!

To view all of the restaurants Guy Fieri visited in the Salt Lake City area, click here.

And in Deep Ellum, Texas, Dave Faries of the Dallas Observer said, "on Saturday afternoon I waited in a 30 minute line, just so I could order one of Twisted Root's so-called milkshakes." The Twisted Root episode had aired the night before (or thereabouts).

He continued, "the show convinced a lot of folks--including the gentleman standing in line behind me ... to venture into the wilds of Deep Ellum."
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