Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tomorrow, Guy Fieri is on your television, all day long

Well, almost all day long. You know you've made it in the television entertainment industry when you have four different programs all airing on the same day, plus an hour-long program about your life - a Fest of Fieri, if you will, on Sunday, March 14, 2010.

All four of Guy Fieri's current in-production television shows will air at some time tomorrow and on every Sunday for the next few weeks, either on the Food Network or on NBC. And tonight, March 13th at 8 ET, with a follow-up broadcast on Sunday the 14th, the Food Network presents an encore of Chefography: Guy Fieri.

Guy's Big Bite - index page
New Episode
Totally Tempting Tostada
Airs on the Food Network
11:00 AM ET/PT - 30 minutes

Guy's Big Bite first aired on June 25, 2006. The successful inaugural six-episode series was renewed and is currently in its 7th season, with an 8th season on the way. This is the show where we get one-on-one time with Guy and his food, where he shares his life-long passion for cooking both regional American dishes and international cuisines. It is my favorite of his shows.

A Food Network Special
Chefography: Guy Fieri
Airs on the Food Network
2:00 PM ET/PT - 1 hour

The Chefography series first aired in March of 2006 with Emeril, Giada, Paula and Ina. Guy Fieri's special was taped in December of 2008 and aired in August of 2009, highlighting the friends and family who influenced and inspired him. Tacitly evident in the story is Guy Fieri's admirable energy, determination and work ethic that has enabled his current career and status in the food and entertainment industry.

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives - index page
Comfort Food Classics
Family Style
Airs on the Food Network
3:00 PM ET/PT - two episodes, 30 minutes each

Undoubtedly, this is the show that catapulted Guy Fieri into fame and pop culture. It premiered in November 2006, recently aired its 100th episode and has no signs of slowing down. In addition to two best-selling books for Guy Fieri, Triple D has inspired fans to create maps, guides, websites, photo journals, Facebook pages, Twitter lists, iPhone apps and road trips. It has inspired people to go into the restaurant business! Diners, Drive-ins and Dives isn't just a television entertainment viewing choice, it's a slice of America.

Minute to Win It - index page
Series Premiere
Airs on NBC
7:00 PM ET/PT - 2 hours

The big gamble, the new show, this is Guy Fieri's first significant foray outside of the Scripps Network family and into network television. After having followed Guy for just over a year, I've come to find that his "brand," such as it is, is more than food or being a 'food dude' - it's a lifestyle, which includes food, yes, but also music, cars, cigars, sports, jokes, travel, friends, family, partying .... I'm thinking, of any non-food-related show Guy would do, this one is the MOST suited him and to what his lifestyle represents. It'll be fly.

Ultimate Recipe Showdown - index page
Season Premiere
Comfort Food
Airs on the Food Network
9:00 PM ET/PT - 1 hour

Now in its 3rd season, Ultimate Recipe Showdown first aired in February of 2008, a competition between home cooks for the best recipe in several genres. The show's then-partnership with TGI Friday's spawned commercials featuring Guy Fieri, and heavy rotation introduced his voice and face to an audience outside of the Food Network.

Five and a half hours of Guy Fieri on your television, Sunday, March 14, 2010.

Guy, your hard work is paying off. On behalf of your friends and fans, may I say congratulations on this red letter day. It's an epic achievement.

Note: Daylight Savings Time begins tomorrow too. So if you're recording programs, check that your systems move their clocks forward one hour. :)

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Sinners-Inc said...

We had a viewing party last night. Sinners Inc debut on the national stage. Guy represented for Sinners Inc with his new custom 12:1 piston ring with 3D Kulinary Gangsta logo on both sides. And the cufflinks ordered up by the NBC stylist for the show. Keep those close ups coming!!