Friday, March 5, 2010

Lawrence Kansas is looking for a few diners, drive-ins and dives

Some time ago, the Lawrence Journal was contacted by Page Productions, the company that produces Diners, Drive-ins and Dives for the Food Network, asking for likely places for Guy Fieri to visit in the Lawrence, Kansas area.

The first round of suggestions didn't make the cut, so they're asking for fans to suggest more. According the the LJ's article, here are some attributes and requirements of a restaurant to be chosen for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

First, it doesn't have to be a diner, a drive-in nor a dive, specifically. That's just an alliterative name for the show; not a limiting description of the featured restaurants.

The restaurant has to have been open at least a year.

The restaurant has to make 90 percent of its food from scratch.

The restaurant can't have had major national media exposure already.

A meal at the restaurant can't cost more than $15.

It can't be too fancy, obviously, because the show is all about diners, drive-ins and dives.

It can't be a chain.

*Update* According to Hawaiian Magazine,
Restaurants must not have been featured on Food Network within the previous six to seven years.

All dishes featured must be made in-house using fresh (never frozen) ingredients. Gravies and sauces must be made from scratch.

Restaurateurs must be willing to disclose recipes of all featured dishes. If recipes involve “secret ingredients,” a majority of these must be revealed.

All restaurant staff appearing on camera must be “interesting and dynamic” and willing to remain at the location for the complete duration of DD&D filming.

Moreover, according to a recent article written by John Kiesewetter in Cincinnati, Ohio:

The food has to be out of this world - truly homemade, often with a spin or twist that takes a basic dish to a new level.

The people and location must be authentic, too.

"We like places with a history, places that are a real part of the community, and especially places run by folks who are true characters - passionate about what they do and eager to share stories," said Allison Page, Food Network vice president for programming.

To make shooting the show cost effective, the production company needs to find six or seven restaurants within a reasonable distance of each other. They'll schedule the shoot over four days. In some cities, "Triple D" researchers have checked out 80 eateries to find seven places to feature.

To make suggestions for the Lawrence, KS area, chime in at LJWorldBlogs or email

Chime in on the Kansas City-area conversation on Yelp.

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