Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fan questions, Mid-November, 2011

I've added a new page to this blog, Have a Question? At the end of each month (and sometimes part-way thru!), I'll share what fans are asking and what answers I could find for them. [Some answers are edited for brevity. ~D]

Ron from Ft Worth asked, "How do I get the cheese recipe at Cafe Rakka as seen on the Sauced and Spiced episode."

Our answer: Food Network didn't make that recipe available to the public. I'd suggest contacting the restaurant directly:
Cafe Rakka - Sauced and Spiced
Best of luck! And let us know the results?


Lee from Woodstock asked, "What's Guys receipe for exercise?"

Our answer: Guy is known to do cardio workouts about three times each week. He and his family also enjoy outdoor activities like boating, hiking and dirt biking.


Jim from Philadelphia wrote, "On November 5 there was a spice leaf used in a bean recipe that is supposed to reduce gas. What was it?
thanks.. "

Our answer: I'm sure it was epazote, pronounced "eh-paw-ZOH-teh." The recipe from the show hasn't been made available on FoodNetwork.com, but here are a few recipes that use this herb - http://www.foodnetwork.com/search/delegate.do?Nr=Record%20Type:Result&N=0&fnSearchString=epazote.


Jaci from AZ asked, "Hi! I am looking to find out where and what episode I saw this sauce on. It was an episode I saw the week of 10/31/11-11/6/11. They were making a salsa or sauce that people dip stuff in. It had Habanero and orange juice in it. Can you please tell me what episode that was on! I'd love to try it! :) Thank you!"

Our answer: I'm not exactly sure, but I believe this was the episode you were referring to? View video or visit this recipe, Jamaican Jerk Pit Chicken, from Martin's BBQ Joint in Nolensville, TN - Porkapalooza.

Let us know if we got it right? If not, we'll do more research for you. :-)


Deb in Phoenix wondered, "Why doesn't Guy eat eggs?"

Our answer: It's a food preference. Guy enjoys eggs as an ingredient in a dish, just not as the main feature of a dish. He also doesn't care for organ meats, nor sweet chocolates.


Miriam from Michegan asked, "on November 14, 2011 you went to a dinner that served macaronni & cheese, I would like her recipe please, thank you"

Our answer: I believe you're referring to Monica May, at the Nickel Diner in Los Angeles, CA - Blast From the Past. Check the video on YouTube to be sure we got the right place?

If so, her mac & cheese recipe has not been made available on FoodNetwork.com. We'd suggest contacting the restaurant directly. Best of luck! And let us know how it goes?

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