Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DDD '67 Camaro for sale

*Update: Bid on eBay Motors. Auction ends Nov 05, 2011 at 15:08:27 PDT.

*Original Post*
This morning, David Page, recent ex-producer of the Food Network's hit show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, has confirmed that the iconic red convertible Camaro SS is for sale.

*Update* Spec's: ‘67 Camaro, an original SS. The new engine is a 350C 327HP (with 5,100 miles on the new engine) - 4 on the floor, rear wheel drive. The car itself has 61,682 miles on it, and the original 327 engine is crated up and will be available to the buyer if wanted.

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According to local sources, the red Camaro seen at recent Triple D shoots in Detroit and Vancouver is a 1968. A few other cars have been seen on the show: in early episodes, a dark blue '66 Mustang. Fans may also recall seeing Guy's Shelby Cobra make a cameo a few times, an "impostor" '67 Camaro in Alaska, and of course there was the "Woodie" in the Hawaii episodes.

We'll update this post as more information on the Triple D car auction becomes available.

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Kelly B. said...

Some friends and I are in debate on whether or not the Camaro is "driven" or "shipped" between episodes. Can you enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

Great car, I've also got one (a true SS 350) It cannot be an original SS since as posted, the original uninstalled 327 is included in the sale. F body SS camaro's only came with either 350's or 396's. The 327 version was available in any non SS car. A real winner was the M-20, L-30 camaro that featured the 327 / 275 hp motor with most of the SS performance options as ordered by the buyer.
Sometimes considered the unadvertised / unmarked SS, It was NOT a true SS. Not too many of them around and a great find if one has matching numbers.

Dora said...

It's trailered in an enclosed truck between cities, and driven between restaurant locations within a metro area.