Monday, July 5, 2010

Random recent tidbits, July 2010

Here are a few random tidbits, collected over the past few weeks.

In early June, Guy Fieri was in the New England area for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, a few appearances and just a bit of time off.

TV star chef Guy Fieri talks tomatoes with our chef Raymond Gillespie

Salumeria Italiana - website
151 Richmond Street
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 523-8743


Guy Fieri brought his live road show to the Del Mar Fairgrounds in mid-June. The NC Times reported:

"Del Mar Fairgrounds officials say they do all they can to make the performers who come to the fair feel comfortable. Even if that means stocking their dressing rooms with their favorite snacks (Corn Nuts and black licorice for TV chef Guy Fieri and Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies for Dennis DeYoung) or providing them with a certain type of towel."


And when Guy breezed into NYC recently to promote Hampton Inn’s Wake Up with Waffles breakfast campaign A.M New York sat down to chat about breakfast, healthy eating, and, of course, his hair. "And, yes, he wore sunglasses the entire time."

What do you eat for breakfast?
Typically my son, Hunter [14], does the cooking for breakfast. On holidays and weekends, I’ll make eggs and turkey sausage. I love grits, ham and red-eye gravy [made by cooking the ham in coffee]. During the week though, I’ll usually have a banana, coffee and a bagel. I love juicing too.

Any change in your signature look on the horizon?
It wasn’t ever really designed to go this long. It started as either a joke or a challenge.

How often do you dye your hair?
Every six or eight weeks.

Will we ever see you as a brunette?
You might see me with a shaved head before you see me dark.

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