Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guy Fieri hits the San Diego nightlife

Reports are that Guy Fieri was at Jimmy Love's in San Diego on Saturday night, March 14 2009. And this wasn't the first time. In her Yelp review of the club in July of 2007, Kelly H. of Pasedena said:
Ok so why five stars you are wondering? Cover charge, bathrooms downstairs, and persistent old men? I saw a celebrity. That's right folks, a television star was at Jimmy Love's. Ok so it wasn't Paris or Lindsay Blowhan (and thank goodness or I would have left), but I was excited anyway. I noticed him when I walked in and thought - wait, I know that guy.... It was Guy Fieri from the Food Network. Yeah I'm a nerd for knowing who he was but oh well. Actually talked to him a few times through the night, and my comedy was definitely A game, so he even proclaimed me to be "Fantastic!" My life is complete.
Guest DJ: Guy Fieri

Partying on a Saturday Night

Guy and one of his security guards

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