Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sonoma Steer (GI0307H)

Guy's Big Bite - Sonoma Steer - Aired: 7/28/07

Guy Fieri is drawing from his Nor Cal roots using a Cabernet Balsamic sauce to amp up a juicy flank steak, partnered with a panful of crispy, cheesy, sour-cream-topped potatoes accompanied by Grandma's Heirloom Martini.

Johnny Garlic's Grilled Peppered Steak with Cabernet Balsamic Sauce - recipe

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Heirloom Martini - cocktail recipe

flank steak or tri-tip,Cabernet Sauvignon, balsamic vinegar, Yukon potatoes, heirloom tomato, gin, Cointreau

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